Simple problem (I think) regarding UV sets and lightmaps

Can’t really find anything on this specific question so asking it here:

I want to know if this is possible and, if it is, how to set this up in unreal??

I have a mesh that I wish to have 3 UV sets:

  1. One for the diffuse texture which is overlapping and ugly as hell
  2. Lightmap UVs
  3. Normal map UVs (using a normal map to be shared with all other assets in the scene)

I have everything made and exported from Maya ready to go but not sure how to set this up unreal-side :confused:


Just make sure on the import settings in UE4 you don’t have generate lightmap UVs checked. In the material you’ll use a texture coordinate node to change the UVs for the normal map texture. You can view the UVs in the static mesh editor by clicking the UV button and changing the drop down to make sure they all look correct, and you can check there to make sure the lightmap is looking at the right UV channel.

UE4 will also label those UVs as 0-2, not 1-3.

Be advised, that tangent space normal map will only work on UV0.