Simple problem (for most) help please guys

Ok guys so my son was playing a level on my game earlier but since it was still in the editor and not a build he has messed with something and its sending me crazy … basically evertime i start the game i have to press f8 in order to posses the (fps) player I have checked and it is still set to auto posses player .Im realy confused guys any help is appreciated

Do you have a player start or the actual Blueprint in the level?

The actual bp

Sounds like you’re starting the game in simulate mode and not play in editor mode.
Easy to mess up too, you only need to hit Alt+S for it.
The drop down menu next to the play button lets you select “selected viewport (PIE)”

HAHA i knew it was a simple problem and one i should of known the answer to .Thank you Bohrium that fixed the issue i certainly will remember it for next time :slight_smile: