Simple point and click help

Hi. Very much a beginner here.

I’m trying to build a very simple point and click game, but had no luck finding tutorials.
Here’s what I’m trying to do:

I have a character. There is a radio. When you click/tap on the radio, I want the character to walk over to it, animate turning it on, and then the radio begins to play music.

This is as basic as the game needs to be. If I can get this, it’ll just be a case of copy and paste for everything else.

I have it so clicking the radio plays music, but I don’t know how to make the character approach it and animate first.

Can anyone please explain?

Hi [USER=“3747599”]Cracking Ace[/USER]

Here i found a simple start for Adventures,
he uses a 3° person design but cover the basic start of .

How get the location under the mouse click
How have a character that , using navigation, can reach the location you click
His character dont rotate for the first video but i am sure he will soon or after

Then for set up the animation you could just set it when you click the radio , you should cast to your character and set for him some location and animation.
So when he reach the location you give him, he should play an animation.

Thanks. I used that tutorial already for basic movement.
My trouble is the interaction with other objects at this stage.

What do you mean by ‘cast to your character’?

[USER=“3747599”]Cracking Ace[/USER]

Lets say you have placed your Mouse-blueprint in the level blueprint, or in another special actor you made yourself.
I was suggesting you to , set a variable inside the character, when you give a command with the mouse.
For example,
you right click the radio and that mean , Pick up the radio.
I want to set 3 variable inside the character so he can do the action ,

Where he must go. so a Vector for the location.
The animation he need to play, so PickUp could be an enumerator variable
The Object of the action , so the radio itself.

If you have your Mouse-nodes inside your character, is ok, you can just set them.
Otherwise to set these 3 variables you have to get a reference to the character and usually i use “Cast to” nodes.

For interaction with other objects you have to build an “behaviour”
The character must be able to do a sequence of things by your command, and check if the object can receive the action.
Something like,
Event Start Command, (you call it ) Pick up the radio (Action-Object-Location)
Event Exec 1 , he keep moving toward the radio until he is in the right position, , then start Executing 2
Event Exec 2 , he now play the animation Pick Up, and Get a reference to the object to check if is PIcckup-Able ,
if yes, add Radio to Inventory, Remove radio from level , Say something
If No, Say “The radio is glued to the table! i cant pick her up”
Event_END_ Remove all command info and wait for other commands.

Thanks. Yes. That is more like what I want to do, but I don’t know how to do it.
E.g. I don’t know which nodes to use and what to attach to where.

hi [USER=“3747599”]Cracking Ace[/USER]

Here a super simple example

I made 2 actors, one simple char and a-ClickManager, you could have more char to who speak,
I made an enumerator in unreal with all the commands i would like.

Using a get actor of class Char i get my char but you can refere to any Char you want…
Using the mouse i get the Actor i clicked and pass this to the Char with a command.
If the command is to look, he will print the name of the object
If the command is pickitup!, he will start a more complex behaviour.

He will start walking toward the target actor,
when he reach a distance <200 he will search the actor for his Tags.
I put some cubes with no tag, and only 1 with a cusom tag of PICKABLE.
If the Char dont find the tag, he will print “is not piclable!”
If the tag is there, he will destroy the actor , and eventually put it in a inventory .

Instead of these actions you can makke the char make animation and stuff.

Its just an example you should think hard to how manage all the possible outcomes!

Thanks. I think this is roughly want I need to replicate. Still a bit confused about it.

At the moment my player character has the basic point and click movement set up.

Hi again. Thanks for the help. This does look like the exact thing I need but as a beginner I’m struggling. I understand WHAT it does, but the blueprint system in UE4 seems very counterintuituve to me, so I don’t see HOW it is doing it.
I am trying to replicate what you have made so I can edit it for my needs, but I have questions.

I don’t know what an enumerator is. Is it in the image?

There is a custom event called COMMAND with two nodes, command and actor. I can’t figure out how to make this.

This is not quite relevant to the topic, but I would like to use distance to affect the player character’s speed. When his target is nearby he walks, if it’s far he will run.

I think you’ve created various variables to use in the blueprint, but as a noob, I’m not sure how to recognise them, so not sure what has been made.


Hi [USER=“3747599”]Cracking Ace[/USER]

The enumerator is not in the image,
the enumerator is a kind of variable , look this
is a special thing to have words instead of numbers…

The Command event is : A custom event , renamed.
In the custom events you can go in the detail and add input and rename them.
You can create it making a custom event and setting it

The distance was a need for me, to make the actor know that he reached the target,
you can set your own behaviour

Try rebuild this thing
and after that you can try to adapt it

Thanks. I was able to make the custom event easy enough, but I’m not sure what settings you chose for the nodes.
I couldn’t find anything that would drag off to the connected boxes.


I think I have done that right, but I’m struggling to figure out the ‘actor target’ - what it is, where it came from.

Hi man,
The " Actor Target " is a variable too,
You just add a variable to your blueprint, a variable of type “Actor reference”
Is an empty target until you dont use the Event CCommand to give him an actor to put in ,
So the char will be able to access the "Target ACtor " location to go there

Sorry , a bigger screenshot should have helped you more in getting this variables!