Simple pick up/drop multiple actors same blueprint


I have newbie problem with simple pickup items with same blueprint. I not need inventory system for this:

  • one blueprint item placed many times on map
  • on map pick up for single item working as
  • now I can pick up only last
    one placed blueprint item if more than one on map
  • player can
    pick up only one same item
  • drop item
    working as expected
  • Item is as blueprint class/Actor

Please help, some directions. Solution for single player game will be enough. I have seen some tutorial before, but I lost it and other are for older ue versions.

Thank you!

I solved problem with creating some child bp’s system with loops, too much to post.

Mind sharing what you did with the forloop ? Im using 1 at the moment but when I drop the items it’s either spawning more than I say or none at all when the equation is set up correctly the items do not spawn but they clear from the inventory it’s weird I have a Question like this on answer hub but it seems bugged somewhere.