Simple Physics Based Movement + Complex Physics Collision

I have a Pawn whose movement is controlled entirely by adding forces. In my prototype, this is represented by a sphere.

I’m now adding a skeletal mesh for this pawn and am trying to figure out how to merge simple physics movement with realistic collision. I want to use the custom physics asset applied to the skeletal mesh for my collision geometry so that it follows any skeletal animation being played and at the same time use a simple single body for physics movement.

My first inclination was to just hide the sphere and continue using it as my physics movement helper. This requires that I match the translation of the skeletal mesh to the sphere every frame which has the side-effect of completely ignoring the collision. It does give the desired movement behavior when mixed with animations etc.

I’ve also tried using AttachRootComponentToActor to attach the sphere to the Pawn and vice-versa both with welding simulated bodies and not. In this way, I don’t have to match translation of the skeletal mesh every frame. Attaching the Pawn to the sphere and welding the physics bodies gets close but I’m still allowed to push the skeletal colliders through walls when I apply physics to the sphere.

Any advice on how to approach this situation?