Simple Parkour System questions

Hey guys, I’m working on the logic of a quite simple parkour system (video below). I’m using a capsule component for overlapping events, and a couple of line traces to figure out which root motion-driven animation to play.

Now, the main question is if I should use root motion or keyframe animation for this… I’m not sure I get the advantages/disadvantages of each in this particular case…
Is it possible to use IK to figure each hand and feet position with root motion animations ?

Note that, for now, I’m just using three diferent kind of animations: one for when you climb and there’s a top surface to stand, one for when there isn’t one. And one more for each, when there’s a right/left wall to “help climb up” or whatever. Of each of those I have 3, each with different height, and the blueprint selects the closest anim height to play.

Sorry about the crappy video quality, it seems that screen recording really affects my pc.

Is there a better way of doing this?
Any sugestion/recomendation is really apreciated, and thanks guys.

I like it, I too am working on a parkour system, but for first person. Also i think that for ik hands, you could do a cast below your hand location,get the location and store that in a variable, Then Pass that variable to the anim graph, for the ik location of the hand, and then blend in and out of the Ik based on a variable of how long the animation is played for., so the hand only stays in the cast location for the duration of the animation. Also i am having trouble getting my animation to play correctly. I’m using a combination of moving the capsule component mixed with root motion, However each time i jump the character passes through the wall.

how do you think i could do it so, that it plays root motion properly to match up with the wall effectively, Kinda like in this video
Look at 5:03 seconds for the actual part where the hands down slide around.

@caelanim8ter - I too am working on a system like this, my advice is: if you want to climb up, let the root motion handle the capsule component. As for the hands properly placed like in the video, the simplest option is to make sure you are detecting your ledge perfectly every time and placing the character in it perfectly. I’ll soon update a video of my engine’s progress (I deleted the original thread) and you’ll see what I mean.
Note: I do not use IK hands - yet.

Hey, Thanks , also im guess you would, cast out the location, Movethe componenet to it quickly, and then let rootmotion handle everything else once it is in the perfect postion for the hands to match up? Because Im pretty sure everyt time i use root motion, the player is also affected by gravity or something, because the player goes down.

Sorry for the late reply, I didn’t notice you replied to the thread.
Try setting the velocity vector to a zero vector when you are about to play the root motion. Let me know if it works

Oh no , what actually worked was setting the player to movement mode to flying. Takes away all gravity temporarily, while the animation is played

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