simple only skylight scene different colors walls, celing, and floor

Hi guys,

I got a question. I think it is a very basic problem and therefore maybe a noob question but I don’t seem to be able to solve it.
I looked for it on the forum but couldn’t find the right answer/solution. If it is out there I apologize for not looking very well.

I started to test some simple-skylight-only-scenes with a cubemap.

Great result on the shadows for default settings and low lightmap resolution. I was happy so far.

But somehow the GI skips color and is not working with a static skylight. The desaturated version of the cubemap (of the same HDRI) is working IMHO but the colored one isn’t.
The floor and ceiling are blue the walls are grey. There is no bleed.

I tested some different bounce settings but no luck.
No difference with southern hemisphere on or off.

What am I doing wrong?



I would say that your lightmap resolutions are low… maybe your cubemap resolution too… also it might be that your lightmass settings are set for lower quality build and/or not enough skylight bounces…
I made an HDRI tutorial a few weeks back maybe it will help you: