Simple Multiplayer sample game.

Hello guys!
I’m quite new to the engine and I noticed that it would be very very helpful if someone created at really basic multiplayer sample game. I know that there are the ShooterGame and some other multiplayer samples. however I seem to find them rather big and a bit confusing, as I would have to strip it down to make it even more basic.
This sample game should simply be with all the basic stuff such as a main menu with host - join - settings - exit buttons, and a simple map. It should also have one very basic weapon, one very basic health system (maybe even a stamina system) and a very basic item/pickup. This should by the way all be done by c++ preferably.
I would at least like to pay 10$ for this.

Hope somebody is willing to create this!

check the learn tab in the launcher you have multiplayer shootout and other game examples, if you are new to the engine you should first learn the basics and the tutorials , multiplayer is the advanced part of a game

To be honest:

There is no way to make this as easy as you want. There will always be complicated stuff
and it will be way more complicated in C++. (Despite the fact that we can’t release C++ stuff on the
Marketplace for now. So BP only).

The ShooterGame is too heavy for this. The Shootout game in the learn tab is ok, but only BP.
But i would still start with this, because C++ will only get more complicated and you loose the focus
and the basics.

A Pickup Item System is in no way easy. Only if you completely let loose of the Inventory fact and just
store the PickupItem somewhere in an array without logic. Then you can just watch the Inventory System
tutorial of Epic Games.

Normally everything is covered. The only thing missing is a basic C++ Session setup, where someone could
point out what is needed to create a session, and join it, the same way as the BP Nodes do (Because the BP
Nodes call a lot of stuff in the background that you need to call yourself).

For the price:

I don’t want to say that there aren’t people that do it for 10$, but (and i already released a Multiplayer Package)
would not sell it for less than 20$. Why? Because if you want to learn from it, i would need to add a lot of information
and comment a lot as well as simplify a lot of functions, so that you can really learn from it. An educational project
is way more work then i project that is just working, but not explaining. I hope you understand my point here, no offense!

You could also have a look at Allars “Generic Shooter” für around 20$ i guess. This could cover some of your things (or all)
but is also Blueprint only!

Following on from eXi,

You should really start with Blueprints if you haven’t coded before (in the case of UE4), it really does teach you logic which you can apply to a coding language down the line. I can say this from my own experience.

Also as eXi mentioned the video tutorials from epic are awesome. They will help you. You should start here…

My own advice for you is,

Don’t aim to high for your first project. You will get frustrated, you will lose interest and, chances are you don’t have the skills to execute it the way you imagine in your head.

Build your project up, sit down and say in this session I want to add a replicated Health system for my multiplayer game, and achieve that. Then move on… (this is easily achievable with Epics Video Tutorials)

I highly recommend Allar’s Generic Shooter for out of the box functionality and for learning but for you to understand the BluePrints you need to throw yourself in the deep end and create your own project and BP’s first.

Good Luck

Hello guys! Thanks for your inputs!
The things is, I’m just moved from the Source Engine, where you get the full source code for a full game and then it’s up to your own to edit stuff. Even though it might be a bit confusing, it’s really nice to have all things set up from the start, from the main-menu to the weapons.
I’m really just looking for a simple template base for UE4, so I can look at that and expand it from there. So it’s not because I don’t have any C++ experience at all, the workflow is just very different!

The Generic Shooter package sounds like what you’re looking for. It’s a great starting point.

Yeah, I’m also looking at the Shootout BP demo.
It seems like UE4 and Source handles things way differently! Anyways, that is going off topic, as it’s just is my bad understanding of the engine.