Simple Multiplayer Game Using Node Js

Hey everyone! So I’m working on a very simple puzzle game that would allow people to match up one-on-one to play each other. The game is going to be browser-based and open multiplayer where people can host or join a match from the waiting room.

The surrounding web application that hosts this game is in ReactJS, so I’m wondering if NodeJS could be used to make the dedicated game server?

This would allow my react application and unreal game to interact seamlessly with eachother.

The data stored on the server wouldn’t be too intense, as the game only needs to know registered users, active clients, active games, and keep track of score of each game currently and over time. So while Node wouldn’t be great for larger/3D games, could it do for a simple 2d multiplayer game like this?

Does anyone have any tutorials, starting resources, or frameworks that would help this?

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