Simple Move to Location without skeletal mesh


The problem sounds exactly like the thread title. I want a static mesh to move intelligently using NavMeshBounds and other utilities, but I can’t do that because I need a character with a skeletal mesh. I know that Simple Move to Location is strictly adjusted to work with characters and their controllers, but maybe there is a way to somehow recreate this function in BP and use it with any actor in the scene?
I would really appreciate any help :slight_smile:

for linear move a timeline will be ok, if you need more erratic move, try spline.

I don’t know if you understood me well. I mean that the static mesh should move according to the input location I give it, so using a pre-defined timeline will not work (or maybe I don’t know something about timelines).
So if I tell it to move to another location it should move with a certain speed to that location.

I did this for someone who needed a mesh moving in level and going to new random position (like a ship passing at top of screen and bombing.)


If you set your starting ending vectors in variables you can move your mesh where you want.

Thanks for the feedback, but I can’t make this concept work mainly because I don’t know how to make it move in different time periods i. e. with a set speed. The keys in the curve are basically constant.

Make an AI Bot and use SkeletalMesh. It’s fin if your model’s just a box. It’s your choice to use the built in and provided classes that give you this functionality.

If you choose not to use them, then you need to create your own locomotion system from scratch, which is your choice, but why not use the provided api?

Would that mean that I need to change every static mesh asset in an external 3d modelling app like 3ds max to convert them into skeletal meshes? Is there any faster way to do that?
Edit: After setting up the skeletal mesh I have some problems with the capsule component, because I can’t have that particular collision mesh for the Bot. I can’t change its collision preset to NoCollision since the whole character movement is driven by it. Any ideas?