Simple Move To Location Paper2D

When working with 3D, I can create a controller that grabs the hit result under cursor, break the hit result and place the nodes into a simple “Move To Location” node.

When creating a Paper2D character however, this doesn’t seem to work. My Paper2D actor just doesn’t do anything. The only way I can get it to move is by using the “Add Movement Input” node.

Does the Simple Move To Location work with Paper2D character blueprints? If not, is there another simple way to get it to move to the location?

The “Simple Move To Location” node uses the path finding functions of unreal engine.

That requires you to have a “NavMeshVolume” (which is in the upper left box where you can also get your player start and some basic things. Just look under volumes). The “NavMeshVolume” generates a grid for the algorithm to find a way. For 2D this is certainly suboptimal but you can try to use one for your normal paths and just make a 3D walkway out of it and just place the nav mesh there. The character should most of the time walk to the 2D location.