Simple move to Location doesnt work in Network games :)

hi all,

I’m currently working on the Ai for an online RTS game, setting up all the AI stuff.

It seems that ‘Simple Move to Location’ doesnt work at all in multiplayer games. Ive tried it with the default AI Controller as well as with my own AI Controller. For the Host everything works fine and the AI is moving as expected but on Clients it doesnt do anything at all.

has anybody here a decent solution on how to make an AI move in network games?

wasted approx. 15 hours already on finding a solution -.-

Did you check replicates to true on your actors?

Are you using a character class with replication and replicated movement turned on?

This is just a quick setup with the third-person template. 3 normal players and a copy of the third person character that got all it’s content replaced with just this one (nothing else):

After adding some nav-mesh into the map and placing the new char with that BP into the map the result works just fine for the server and the client:

@Neutronux thx alot for that work. I know my Blueprints that i setup are working, since everything works fine if i play the game as host. The AI just isnt doing anything after a client’s input :frowning: