Simple move to location can't move more then one

I’m trying to create a wave of bots. I already have a start to create the waves but while testing what i have so far.
i can see my other bots spawn in the location but will not move i have a simple move to location and when i press f it will spawn 1 or 10 but will only move 1

Sounds like setup-specific issue. Would you mind posting your blueprint screenshots, or any other additional information?


Yes, screenshots please.

sorry for the late reply here are the picsalt text

You are spawning the bots on top of each other and immediately calling the “move to location” command. They will ignore the command if they are not touching the ground (navmesh to be more specific). Try passing the location to your bots via a vector variable that has “Expose on Spawn” checked, and transfer the “Move To Location” parts to the bot’s blueprint.

Sorry for for being annoying but with with the vector variable i would put that in my enemy base blueprint and call it to my level blueprint? And to transfer the move to location to my bot’s blueprint how would i add my home base location just by casting the blueprint ? also when all is done how do i then call that by casting that blueprint in the level ?