Simple Move to Actor

I have maked with UE4 Version 4.7.2 this “Simple Move to Actor” Visual Scripting:
Simple Move to Actor.png

But this Visual Scripting did not work with Version 4.10.0!

Have anyone here a solution for this?

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Did you put a nav mesh in your level? It is such a simple setup that I forget all the time that you need a nav mesh for it to work.

Hello James94Hodges,

this setup need in my opinion no Nav Mesh. I mean in UE4 Version 4.7.2 is no Nav Mesh and it works well.

The problem is, that in UE4 Version 4.10.0 is no “Get Controller / Target is Pawn”-Setup like in UE4 Version 4.7.2.

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I Believe its now Get controlled Pawn :slight_smile:

Hello Taz0,
i can’t find “Get Controlled Pawn” in my UE4 4.10.0…
Can you find it?
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A nav mesh is how paths are calculated.

I don’t have 4.10.0 installed atm i’m on 4.9.2 but after you right clicked graph untick Context Senitive and you’ll see it, if it diff for 4.10.0 i’l post back unless that worked for you :slight_smile:

Now i have found it - many Thanks to Taz0!
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