Simple move to actor

Hi there, I have a simple move to actor for one “AI”, but I have a door in place between , I , the goal and the AI. The door can be opened and closed, but when open, the AI just stops at the open door, not aware that it is opened, how could I overcome this? Thanks!!

Press P to visualize your navmesh in the editor, and make sure that a navmesh is being generated between the frame of the door.

Also, if your Navmesh is static only it will not update if the Door is open. Change its Runtime Generation to Dynamic on the RecastNavMesh Actor.

Does that even work properly? I played around with it, and AI wouldn’t run through that “Chunk” of navmesh if it was recently re-generated, same thing happened during an AI livestream.

Could be a bug, i havent noticed any issues, it might be more apparent in smaller areas. Ill do some research i think.

I’ll definitely try those, thanks for the help, I figured it was something simple but I’ve straight run out of ideas.