Simple Move To actor Question :)

Hey guys and girls, i’m hoping

to find an answer as to why these pins won’t connect.
I’m trying to make the enemy pawn move to the character it’s fairly simple but for some reason it won’t work. I must be missing something. I am learning and hoping to find an answer on my own soon. Thank you for your time.

Hey @lorddrama

you can use a Character as your AI. Just create a new blueprint of type Character, select a SkeletalMesh (you can even duplicate your ThirdPersonCharacter) and then use this:

This works because the character as already an AI Controller set. You also need to place a NavMeshBoundsVolume inside your level. You have to set its scale big enough. Too see the area for the navigation press P.

Inside an actor you can do something like:

OR (851.0 KB)

TY so much for your help !! i’ll work on it tomorrow and will get back.

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So since i’m a newb i don’t know how to tag this as awnsered. i’m so greatfull. So basicly I used a copy of the third persone BP. You can also use a character blue print :slight_smile: thank you for your help !