Simple move to actor not working on latest version

Was working fine on 4.7, doesn’t work on 4.10. With nothing changed. Just have a blueprint with a very basic ai setup to simply move to the actor, based on an event tick. It couldn’t be simpler, anyone have any idea what has changed to make this no longer work?

Was going to delete but in case anyone else has this problem I just had to move the nav mesh… like literally slightly up did it. No idea why that would change between versions, I could see this driving a lot of people crazy.

I had this problem too, I set it up so the player pawn was chased by an object, but when I had pawn directly in front of the object it would simply stop.

I realized that the goal was set to Get Player Character instead of Get Player Pawn, which is why it didn’t work as it didn’t match my Blueprint Type for my characters controlled Pawn which was of Pawn blueprint type and not Character blueprint type.

It’s little things like that which can drive you crazy fast. lol