Simple move cube

How to create a simple cube movement that, when spawned, will go straight to the player. Cube don’t have collision …

Hello Walery,

Give this logic a try:

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Thank you very much my friend. It works. I have one more stupid question, how do I learn to solve problems in BP. I don’t know how to write it. My problem is obviously that I have limited knowledge of nodes.

Just watch blueprint tutorials on any topic. Doesn’t matter what the challenge is. Watching people solve problems in blueprints will allow you to see what nodes are available. Just pick a youtuber and go through their blueprint content.

Thanks, I’ll try it. I’m a person who doesn’t like to ask questions… Especially when I know that the mechanics are very simple… Specifically, I spent about 8 hours trying to solve it myself. And I began to have doubts about whether it was worth continuing since I couldn’t solve this…

@walery1235 You’re welcome. Watching blueprint tutorials on ANY topic will help you learn to solve problems. Think of it in terms of tools inside of a tool box. There are multiple ways to move a cube. (Setting location with a timeline and ‘InterpTo Movement Component’ being two other that I can think of currently) - Those are all things in my toolbox, I’m past the hurtle of knowing that they exist, and have a general idea of how to use them.

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