simple mouse over problem

I’m trying to make the mouse change its cursor to a hand when the pointer is over an specific object, also I want to when the mouse is over this object and I left click it an event beggins.

I’m having this problem in a matinee animation that starts as I start the game.

Please, what am I doing wrong?


Go into the player controller and do a node off of Begin Play called Enable on Mouse Over Events.

Sometimes that has to be done or it won’t work.

This might not fix it but it’s worth making sure

Pinworm, thanks a lot, it did work for changing the cursor, but when I click over it it doesn’t play the sound and keep the chain, any ideas?

I think that this is an unreal bug, I made the same setup on another scene and there it did worked well… Any ideas about how can I fix it?

You might also need to add Enable On Mouse Click Events in the player controller, off the Begin Play :slight_smile:

Take a look, it’s allready there, but the clicking does not work, I tested on the top down template the same settings, and it worked.


Here you can see the settings I’m using for the clicking part.


Pinworm mentioned you might need the Enable On Mouse Click Events, your pic only shows enabling mouse over events. I think you could also just check those boxes in the class defaults for the player controller rather than in the onbeginplay graph.

Oh Pinworm and Badger Bone, now I understood, sorry I missreaded it, i just added the on mouse click events and now everything works properly.

Thank you guys a lot!!!

I did not know about this, but that makes a lot of sense and would be cleaner. Thanks for the info :slight_smile: