Simple Money System (BUY NOW!)

Simple Money System

allows you to easily add the option to pick upmoney and use it in the “store” blueprint (A simple blueprint which allows you to spend your money)

-2 Widgets
-7 Models
-11 Materials
-10 Textures
-3 Blueprints
-1 Audio

The price went down to $2.50!!

Can be easily added to any kind of character!




You think make an update for add new stuff or things ? About copyright, can I use it without any troubles ?

Yes I may be update the pack in the future, I’ve already got a few ideas to add (for example an ATM machine, you can deposit and withdraw cash, getting paychecks after a certain time etc). And about the copyrights, the pics are Royalty Free, I got those from a site which allows you to download them for free (I can’t remember what it was). Just search for Royalty Free pictures.

I have just tried to buy it but it says it cant be purchased and that you will be notified

hey, sorry for the problem its beacuse i didn’t confirm my paypal account.
i will confirm it and let you know when you can buy it (it will take a few days)

hey guys if fixed the problem you can now buy the project!