Simple method of exporting paragon textures, for re-use in Unreal

Remember this is only for learning and creating your own textures, don’t strip out assets for other engines etc, sharing this only to give back to the community, was half asleep so you can skip most of it once you get the basic idea. Covers exporting textures, and meshes for adjustment in Substance painter and blender, basic import and material setting. No destructive so you import back to unreal and swap out the textures in the fancy material examples or create simpler lower cost materials. Just covering the basics,
Mesh and skeleton export from UE to blender and back in previous video including animation re-targeting. Please ignore my sleep induced foggy narration :slight_smile:

0-13:50 UE side, only need to see about 5 minutes really.
13:50 mesh and skeleton export for troublesome characters
15 minute mark Substance painter import,
21 minute mark blender


Cool… I used DrawMaterialToRenderTarget node to export the textures…