Simple Menu Blueprint Help

Hey guys this is probably something super simple but my problem is that I scripted the ReturnMenuButton in my Options screen to (you guessed it) to return to the Main Menu but it’s not doing anything, only printing the last executable which is a string. I can switch from the Main Menu to Options no problem with the same nodes, but going back is a no go.

With breakpoints I can tell that SET Screen Type Var: MainMenuScreen is firing but it’s now displaying the Main Menu widget.

Okay I’ve narrowed it down to the switch to Screen Enums and Do it Once, that executable line is firing up but it’s stopping at Do it Once. I need a way of resetting Do it Once when going from Main Menu to Options then back to Main Menu without it endlessly firing (hence the reason for Do it Once). I’m guessing I need to setup a branch first and setup some-kind of condition to have it reset but I’m not sure how to go about it.

Check out this tutorial Adding Main Menu Functionality - #53 Unreal Engine 4 Beginner Tutorial Series - YouTube

I hope this helps. It’s really simple to do a “back to main menu” button

Why is it constantly firing the exec anyway? Shouldn’t it just fire it up once as soon as you click one of the buttons? I don’t really see the reason for the ‘do it once’ here.

I’m not sure why it’s firing multiple times but it is, not sure how else to control it.

Isn’t that draw Hud event called every frame? I would try creating a custom event, then you can call that event when you press the button. Then you should be able to eliminate the Do Once node which should solve your problems.