Simple mechanics import to UE 4

I want to let a 3rd person jump into a spacecraft, like the little one from Colt from Saber Rider and start to fly. My issue is that I can’t find any good examples, tutorials or anything how it is possible to create my spacecraft in cinema4D or Maya with all animatics of the mechanics to open the spacecraft and import it into UE to use it.

Is there anyone who has a good link or guide I’ve not found?

Well, you are asking a lot. There are serveral things that go into this. Modelling, rigging, animating and then coding to get it all tied together. No tutorial ever will show you how to do all of it.

I suggest picking one of the above and start small. Don’t start running before you learned how to walk, you will just stumble and fall.

Here are some tutorials:

Vehicle Modelling/Rigging
Spaceship physics