Simple math in the editor transformation field?


I would love if someone could answer my question. This may be me remembering some other piece of software but I swear it was in UE3.

I know in the transform details panel I can do simple math. So if I type 10+2 and the result will be 12. This works with + - * / an maybe even more. Here is an example clip in case it is not clear what I mean.

I’m not really very savvy when it comes to math or programming but back in the day, I seem to remember being able to set random numbers within a range in the entry field. In my mind it looked something like this so say for rotation I typed rand(0,360) into the entry field. This would have set all the selected actors to have a random rotation value of anywhere between 0 and 360.

Obviously this doesn’t work as I think either the syntax is wrong or may not even be possible?

This would massively help my asset placement look more natural but just being able to play asset select a bunch and apply the random transforms.

After much googling all I seem to be able to find is info on adding random rotations to actors in blue print.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.