Simple Material/Blueprint Question


My first time using unreal, and I basically need help setting something up with these blueprints… So I have made a material with a red base colour, and would like it to become interactive. I have lots of objects throughout the world this colour, and wanted to know how to make it so:

If someone walks over one of these red objects, they are instantly teleported back to the start. I have figured out the teleportation part, just need help how to correspond it to the chosen material? I could easily make it work for each individual object… But that takes up space, and I would like it neater and possibly more simple.

A global event for my ‘red’ material to put it simply.

So if someone overlap red box, you want to make that box for example blue?
If yes then:
In material editor hold “v” and leftclick on screen. You should get color box with 3 or 4 pins. Click on that material node and rename it for example to “BoxColor”
In box BP on overlap get your mesh box with material, drag wire and type “create dynamic material instance”. From this node drag wire and type “set vector parameter value”, value name set as “BoxColor” and you should be able to change its color.