Simple Main Menu With Login

Main Menu It’s totally free



Create Save Data File (Player Name , Player Password , Data Save Slot Name)

Persistent Settings (Video Settings , Game Play Settings , System Settings , Misc Settings )

Login : User Name and Password Encrypted

the 3rd pic save the accounts in a file so the 4th pic " the player " can login with these data? can i ask how?
or it just a demo menu

is under progress just some project i want to share for free , 3rd pic its for create your account (player name , player password and data file name ) and yes you can login with that data you created , cuz its stored in a save file .

in settings you have a remember checkbox if you want to not show up next time you play the game . all your changes after you create the profile will be stored in

All those video settings work? If yes, thats awesome !

Looks good ^^

Thx , and yes , still more to do like : World Lighting , Atmospheric Fog .
On game play are some settings like croshair with some models to chose from , mouse invert , mouse sensivity etc