Simple Load/Save game?

Is there a simple way to do a Load and Save? for example to Save the level your on and Load the level when you press the Load Game Option?

I cant figure this out im not too familiar with Loading and Saving a level.

Yes, it is easy to create save & load system. Did you try searching youtube tutorials? there are plenty.

Yes i know how the save game works i have that running but i cant figure out how to save a level and load it.

Most of the tutorials i see are just about variables i can do that but what i want to know is how to save and load a Level

There is no one click solution to this. You will need to identify and save the transform of every object that changed in your level so it can be moved back into place on load game.

Loading the actual level has nothing to do with the savegame system. You load the level as you normally would then go through your savegame to restore transforms/state before the game starts. I use a levelscript to hook the map load event for this purpose.