SIMPLE Level Creation: User-Generated at Run time

Hi there, beginner here…

I’m looking to create a simple project that renders visualization of potential customers’ commercial kitchen layouts (from scratch).

I’ve conceptualized the idea as follows:

-Directional (arrow-shape) actor or character accepting unit input for the direction in which the arrow is pointing (to start this can be simple 90 degree directional metrics).
-Subsequent inputs and changes in direction are used to create the users’ scenario (auto-load simple floor/ceiling after walls are created)
-Drag/Drop pre-loaded 3D files representing equipment and/or furniture into place as desired (file format tbd, as I’ve yet to start on creation for my manufacturer’s digital assets)
-Allow option to load simple avatar into scene. Ideally the entire creation process can be done on the fly, from any device and be sent to end-users looking for a simple visual representative model of a more complex CAD (or etc) drawing.

I’m relatively new to Unreal and this sort of project creation in general, but have the time and capacity to learn quickly… only need a good step in the right direction (and confirmation that this concept is possible).
My first hang-up is over whether or not level boundaries can be created from user-generated input at run-time.

I’m currently plowing through Unreal tutorials in awaiting a response, and appreciate your time.

Very best and thanks again for any help/direction that is offered.

I’m in desperate need of the most basic of help in direction here :frowning: Even if it’s a matter of attaching a pricetag to this sort of conceptualization, I’m willing to listen to such requests or advice! I know you guys are professionals here and the industry has been milked for volunteer work a bit too much. Very best, -Brian “Coach” Sharkey

It’s certainly possible, but probably not simple. Unreal is not primarily designed to create geometry. I’m assuming you would end up with spaces that were not just simple rectangular rooms, so you would likely have to end up using Procedural Meshes to create geometry on the fly. If I remember correctly procedural meshes are not exposed to blueprints, so it would have to be a c++ project.

Thanks for the help!