Simple layer painting.

Ok. for the last couple of weeks i have been trying to get a good layered landscape.
All the tutorials i saw, documents i read… its a lot, the way you need to make materials to paint or layer is very “complex”
You are actually programming your textures on to your landscape, its frustrating imho.
This is why i pledge for a normal painting option besides the material coding stuff, cryengine has this and it works fantastic. Unreal is still better in every way, except for texturing your landscape.

Please make a normal layer onto layer painting option, so you can fill your landscape with whatever you want and from there you can paint every texture you wish on it.

Atm its nearly impossible to create a simple and nice dirt path, there is too much involved for rather simple functions, i created a widget faster then texturing my landscape.

And tbh… i think you will reach a broader audience with a simpler way of crafting your landscape, i can imagine people run away from unreal after seeing all this node stuff for landscaping.

Consider this please :wink:

(edited for better use of words)

Make your material, save it and use later in other projects, where is the problem ?

We can take other materials as sample you make a master material system to manage all the textures that is all, other engines are limited in this and need to use all the fixed textures etc.

Here you have the freedom to make your material system…