Simple keyboard input blueprint not working

Blueprint noob here. After developing with Unity for 3 years, I’ve decided to switch to UE4. So now I’m just learning to use blueprints.

My blueprint is simple. All it does is takes a keyboard input (J) and then changes the location of the actor to (0, 180, 20). Since the blueprint is part of the actor, the target is set to “self”. However, this doesn’t work.

It works fine when I use “Event BeginPlay” instead of the keyboard input J, but that happens at the beginning of the game (not what I want).

An actor is an object. Not a Pawn or Character or Vehicle. I’m not sure it would have input enabled. Try adding a node for “enable input” (something like that - not at my PC now). Although that seems redundant as you should either cast to that actor from your player Character or Player Controller. Either cast to it or use an Interface which better serves to pass things to actors from your player input.

Like JigSaw said or enable the actor to receive inputs from the player: