Simple interpolation nodes

Hi there,

currently, it’s surprisingly hard to smoothly rotate or move an object in UE4. You have create an event, call that from your event tick node (use a gate or a flag to prevent it from beeing called all the time later) then use a lerp or interpTo node. Many people have massive problems with this, just search for ‘interpolation’ or ‘smoothing/easing’ in the answer hub.

Sure, there are timelines, but what everyone really needs are basically just three simple nodes which handle all the complex stuff like delegates etc. internally:

  • MoveToWithEasing(target:Actor/Component,targetLocation:Vec3,shortestPath:bool, durationInSeconds:float)
  • RotateToWithEasing(target:Actor/Component,targetRotation:Rotator,shortestPath:bool, durationInSeconds:float)
  • TransformToWithEasing(target:Actor/Component,targetTransform:Transform,shortestPath:bool, durationInSeconds:float)

This would be extremely helpful!