Simple interior - 4.12

Hi all,
this is my first attempt to build a full scale scene in unreal 4.

Light from skylight (HDRI) and direct.

C&C are welcome :smiley:



More info here: (Italian blog)RGB_HDRI_Sun.jpg

this is really really cool! amazing work… did you use any postprocess? may I ask what did you tweak?
(scrivo in inglese perché potrebbe interessare ad altri ma sono italiano anche io :D)

Hi, nice work. if i can recommend you something, check the shadow map resolution on the ceiling it seams there are some problems with light where the columns touch it. also it can help increase the photons

Thanks all,
these are the setting for post process Volume
For the shadow maps resolution the ceiling are already at 2048 but it’s a large mesh so it can be hard to get a nice and clean sharp shadows :smiley:
I’ll try to remember it for the next time :wink: