Simple instances system for static meshes

hey guys,
I wondering why they’re is no simple instance function for standard meshes, no procedural blueprints stuff…
What i mean is a very basic instance system like in cryengine or max, when using the same mesh or creating a copy of it, the engine “understands” that and creates automaticly
a instaces of that mesh. Are they any plans for this alreday ?

I actually wonder why engine do NOT handle this auto. I mean, in the editor, you can always see what meshes are duplicated, and instance them on the fly.

No work as auto because auto instances of all components can give multiple problems of LODs or other problems… with instances you give more work to the GPU. (From CPU to GPU)

You like something like this: [Editor Feature Pull Request] Rama's Instanced Static Mesh Editor Feature - Engine Source & GitHub - Unreal Engine Forums ?

I don’t think so, you set the mesh LOD, editor/engine knows what are the meshes, is just a simple sort to see what’s need instanced (or ref counter), based on visibility.

A possibility to instance a object is absolutly important, i also had never problems with instanced objects in other egines. So i’m really wondering why we can create a material instnace, or complex blueprint instnaces but no regular simple mesh instance.