Simple Input Screen for Users (Name, Age, etc.).

Hey UE Community!!!

This is my first posting here but I’ve been using UE4 for some time now. I’m still considering myself a NOOB but I’m getting better.

Anyway, what I want to do is have an app where the user walks up to a box trigger and is asked to put in their Name, Age and other information via a HUD. I’m having trouble finding tutorials on Youtube or other tutorials showing how I can do that. It seems like a simple idea but maybe it’s more complex than I’m thinking.

Anyone know of any good tutorials I can review to do this?



Welcome :slight_smile:
Could you elaborate on what you mean by an app?

You’d normally use Widgets for this.

-So you’d spawn a widget on collision and add it to player controller viewport
Link: Show and Hide Widget With Trigger Box - Ue4 - YouTube

-Change from InGame input to UI so you can write on your keyboard
Link: Set Input Mode Game And UI | Unreal Engine Documentation

-Create widgets
Link: HTF do I? Use the Editable Text Widget in UMG - YouTube
(This guy btw is pretty awesome for beginners.)

Thanks so much for the quick response. Yea, what I mean is that a Widget comes up, it will prompt the user to enter information. The challenge I’m having is how do you make it so the user can actually use the keyboard to type a name or even select from the drop down box. I think maybe the second link you sent may be a big help as well as a video that came up after I played the first one.

Again, I’m thinking this is pretty simple. I do use user input when implementing a dialog system I got from the Market Place, but that is just using the mouse to select items, not to actually type in characters.

Am I making sense? Thanks again so much for answering so quickly.


I think you can get quite far with the second and third link in that case.Good luck!

Thanks…and I think I have it 95% working now. The one weird issue is that my character (1st person character) keeps “walking/moving” before I actually click on the “Login” Screen. Any idea why this would be happening? I have another level where I’m doing this with a dialog system and it’s not moving there. I tried to see what was different between the two blueprints but I’m not seeing it.

Anyway, this is much better than I had it so thanks.

Before you click?

How do you move your character?
If you press a button to move forward and “release button” to stop moving in that direction then it might be that when you switch InputMode the character do not register you “button release” event.