Simple increase stack size MOD

ok so im just trying to increase the satck sizes of some items but it dosnt seem to work ill go thru the steaps ive done so far
(ill provide screen shots as well to help with exaclty what ive done)

  1. create new folder StackSize under Mods

  2. created a copy of GenricMod level and PrimalGameData_BP_GenericMod and renamed then to StackSize level and PrimalGameData_BP_StackSize
    also created copies of each item/resource i wanted to edit

  3. edited StackSize level world settings to use my new PrimalGameData_BP_StackSize

  4. edited each items Max ItemQuanity (of my copied items

  5. edited PrimalGameData_BP_StackSize master item list and pointed each new item to my moddifeid one

  6. saved everything and cooked mod and uploaded to workshop

  7. loaded mod on my server and joined in game but item stacks still stay the same?

what am i doing wrong :slight_smile: any help would be greatly appreciated

You need to change the engrams/harvestcomponents that reference the item.
i tried doing this for primemeat after 2 days it still give the wrong meat and it seems the dinodeathharvestcomponents are not properly remaping :(.

Thanks for the tip illreport back wheni i have it working!

Find the original items you are interested in changing, right click, and view references. On the left side you will see everything that references that object. Usually you need to update all those references for your new object, or ensure that you’ve taken care of everything that you need to.

Was this never solved? Im having the same issues, i have done everything he did above, i even tried copying over the harvest components and remapping it to my custom stuff. Still no change in game, seems to be every mod I have tried to do i have had the same result, get stopped at a halt from something i seem to of skipped or not seen. Any ideas?

In-game, items are referenced by their name and not their ID. ID is only used when spawning items via admin commands. Editing the master list could cause unexpected problems, but it will never be a solution.

Instead, just use “Remap Items” and remap all appropriate items to your modified variants. Be aware that your variants have to be child classes, or they will not automatically be usable for crafting (and possibly other things).

How to update the references in the left side of the original item to the modified item? I’m trying to make a simple stack mod for my server but I’m really new in modding.