Simple importing question

Hello guys. I’m trying to find the solution to this since 3 days: (At least 24 hours total…) It seems impossible for me to import a skeletal mesh in the Dev Kit, the import button turning gray and the import all button doing nothing, everytime I check ‘import as skeletal mesh’. Is my dev kit broken? (I modeled with Blender, Maya, installed unreal engine 4.5.1, can import my skeletal mesh no problem in it, saved and copied to ark dev kit, only to be told that the physics asset doesnt contain any skeletal mesh… Wich it did in UE 4.5.1)
Anyway… what Am I missing here? Repairing the dev kit changed nothing.

Any insight will be greatly appreciated

I think something happend with the skeletal mesh once you saved it on blender. I have imported some skeletal mesh with no problem at all. Check that out.
Jus to clarify: you have export an skeletal mesh from dev kit, right? or make one from zero?

Thank you Deadmachine14 for replying, it is much appreciated. No, it’s not from an existing skeletal mesh otherwise I guess I’d only have to select the original skeletal mesh to import mine?

Something is missing in your skeletal mesh. I’m not an expert in 3d modeling, just learning. But try importing already existing mesh to blender and modify it. Then export to ark dev kit again.

Thank you very much. I found a way. because I couldn’t believe that every mod made from the dev kit were based on existing skeletal meshes. :slight_smile: If everything turns allright at the end, I’ll probably make a little video on the workaround. I’m no expert either, but eager to learn. It was really nice of you to take the time to reply to me.

Again, thanks a lot!

Cool. Post the video’s link here so I can watch it. I want to learn that too. Are you are a 3d designer?

I’m no 3d designer, my strength is more about programming but I’m stubborn. I might take 2 weeks to find the solution to each problem I’m facing as they come, but I eventually always find a solution. It’s not always a good thing but I never quit. As of 3d modeling, I fell in love with that when I discovered Maya. But I’m far from being an expert yet, however I’m humble enough to listen to friendly advices because everybody can teach what they’re good at, and everybody has something different to bring.