SIMPLE: How to make vehicle go in reverse

I am using the advanced vehicle that Unreal provides. I need to us the “BrakeInput” Node. However, from my knowledge, in order to use this I must uncheck the vehicle movement property “Use Reverse as Brake”. When I uncheck this box my car cannot drive in reverse. (While checked it can). Key bindings are not the issue. If I set a dummy variable with the throttle input, it actually shows -1 and 1 when going in reverse and forward respectively. However, even when the throttle shows -1 the vehicle moves forward. Any ideas?

Hello, Sorry I don’t have an answer. I’m having this exact problem. Did you ever figure out how to make this work? I want to be able to reverse with “s” but also brake with space bar. Any help would be awesome!

Hi there! Did you manage to fix this issue? Thanks in advance.

The only solution I thought is to switch on the Use Reverse as Brake when your speed is close to 0, this way you normally brake with that input you you can reverse if you are close to a stop.
I won’t put 0Km as a speed because if you are on a steep surface you might constantly move.
Alternatively, you can put the Handbrake to both front and rear wheels and activate the brake input (which you need to reverse) when you are between -10 and +10Km/h.
I haven’t implemented those yet but that’s the best I could come up with.