Simple Homing Projectile Target

Hello, I’m trying to get my projectile to home in on a specific static mesh BP in scene. I have been directed to a homing tutorial on youtube but the video uses a line trace to select its target and no matter how I try to work around it, I can’t seem to get it to home in on a specific mesh automatically. Please help.

You can use the “Projectile Movement Component” It has a homing feature.
After viewing this youtube video I was able to figure out how to get a homing system up and running.

Oh ok, will check it out as soon as I’m back home. Thank you so much for your time. Will give you feedback after I’ve tried it.

you could try using a get all actors of class when the projectile is created then having logic to decide which to target. For example you could get all actors of class player then have logic to find the closest one and have the target set to it. Essentially it would give you an array and you just have to set which index to get and set it as your target.