Simple hit reaction no documentatoin?

Hello, i have one very simple question and it may sound obvious but I can’t find a direct answer. I am trying to have a melee part in my project where the player can get hit or can hit and the body of the character will react by his body showing the collision like, for example, if punched in the head, the head should move back. I’ve gone through hours of tutorials and all they pretty much show is setting up a character and then they just have the character just keep falling like a ragdoll and getting some laughter on it. I am a bit postally angry about this because I have spent so much time reading, but there is no straight forward information on how to do this. Also, some videos I noticed will have some sort of setup, but in a series of like 15 videos that are mostly irrelevant to me. And of course I’ve read Epic’s unexcusably lazy documentation on physics animations and videos on phat. I’ve also read and watched videos on Set All Bodies Below Simulate Physics and Set All Bodies below physics weight. I don’t use blend weights in my animation, my character just does the basic movements and I use the animation I bought from the unreal store.
Can anyone provide some info on this. I am not looking for flailing characters for a laugh. I’m just looking to do this, what you would assume is obvious , but I just don’t get it. Is this a feature that is purposely hidden to sell to us later such as in this post?
you youtube called [WIP] Physics Animation Component…

Anyway I need help with this. Please don’t make me punch another hole in my wall!