Simple help needed creating this "simple" physics object

This may be a weird example but i need help making the objects have these physics properties in mid air - - YouTube

(Just the physics part of it)

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You can achieve this effect with a spring interp. Either a float spring for just 1 direction, or a vector.

I did a quick mock-up and this worked quite well. It could do with its rotation locked, or another Rinterp to bring it upright to fix the rotations. I set my angular damping up to smooth the rotation as well. The spring variable is “vector spring state” type.

EDIT: Just to clarify, the cylinder has physics enabled and gravity disabled.

Nice job, worked nice but the problem is if i jump on in a second time while its bobbing, it goes nuts and i get flung to another dimension. :stuck_out_tongue: I locked all rotation and locked the x and y location as well.

Update, i simply messed with the Linear damping and it works perfect now, thank you for this info.

Here is a simple scenario i made with the concept.