Simple heightmap / ParallelOcclusionMapping with no tesellation

Hi all,
I have a mesh that use tessellation and diplacement that works great but is a bit too heavy.

I would try to make a material like the starting-content-cobblestone but i am stuck in understanding it,

is really complex and repeat a lot of nodes for every layer with different parameters that its a bit creazy.

I would like to use a simpler heightmap to duplicate the texture at diffferent height to obtain some pillars of different height.
i would really appreciate a simple and managable way

thank you for your time

Here i found a node called “ParallaOcclusionMapping”
Need to pin in a texture object and a couple of parameters.

here another test with brushed texture,
Here and there , i got some flickering and black area where should be white,
will see how to fix it .