Simple golf game mechanics

Hello. I am currently trying to create an extremely simple golf game where I can hit the golf ball towards a hole and will further expand upon the game as I move along. I am currently stuck on trying to figure out how to be able to hit the ball with a certain amount of power and make the ball move accordingly. How would I go about doing this?

I know this is late… but…

I believe you could do a generally rudimentary way of this by setting the velocity of the projectile movement component to (for example) 5000 in the Y vector and 2000 in the Z vector. (using a Power variable, this can be set to say, 100 power = 5000 and 50 power = 2500) This will cause your ball to fly up and out and with gravity enabled and bounce, it will fall and bounce. You can change these bounciness in the projectile movement as well. I like to create a golf ball as a pawn and attach a camera and unposses character and possess the ball while it’s in flight and continue on from there using the “on projectile stop” event.

Note: I do not know how to add spin and stuff to the ball. :stuck_out_tongue: