Simple get what is being rendered?

Is there an easy way to get a list of what Is currently being rendered by a camera other than creating some kind of geometry overlap or raycast? Basically I just need a way to update any object currently rendered and update any object when they are initially rendered/no longer culled or occluded.

If this is possible outside of using some geometry or raycast I would appreciate the help!

Objects are not drawn anyway, when they are not in the camera frustrum.

Maybe you could test the ‘look at’ angle from the player to the object. Or you could use vector dot product to find find the angle between the player and mesh / actor.

That’s very inefficient !I recommend adding them to a parent actor that has an array Like ActorsToUpdate ,And then call WasRecentlyRendered

to see if it was rendered in last 0.1 sec

This is not an effective solution as there is no way to call the individual objects and instead are calling a potentially massive array of items every 10th of a second or tick. It would be far more efficient to have some view cone geometry that could store an array of what is already seen and on its exit remove it. Im trying to find out if there is either a built in event when something becomes culled or un-culled OR a cheaper way to do a scan of objects.

This would require a check to be run each frame and is extremely expensive if potentially millions of objects are running this check each tick. I may have to add an event call to the engine when something is drawn, though that may be more expensive than a view cone.

Check this out!