simple game using upto 60 percent of cpu?

Hello again guys .so i am noticing some strange things happening with my game … Unreal reports that my game is running at a solid 120 fps . However my game often looks choppy and overall laggy . I noticed my gpu was getting a little hot .So took it apart and re applied some thermal compound .Which solved the heat issue .But not the overall issue …
Sometimes when i simply hover over the play button my fps drops to 6 fps and the whole system seems like its about to die .Yet if i press the play button the game reports 120 fps whilst being jerky and unresponsive …Now i would suggest that the issue is my hardware except i can run plenty of relatively tasking games at high detail just fine without the issues arising.Also when the game is working fine the task manager reports upto 60 percent cpu usage .

My specs are

i5 6500 (stock)
16gb ddr4 2133mhz
gtx 760 2gb (a little weak i admit)
120 gb ssd (unreal installed here)
2x 500 gb hdd (assets etc stored in these)

Should my simple game be using 60 percent of this cpu ?
Any help is appreciated thanks guys

Noone has seen your simple game and how simple it really is or how many serious programming mistakes you made.

It’s a bit like asking “Is it okay if my car gets 50 MPG?” but not letting us know the model of the car or even the engine - how should we know?

Without seeing the game i can only guess - it could probably use some optimiation and has some bad programming.

Something is very odd here. UE4 reports 120fps and doesn’t change presumably, yet the game is choppy?..
When you’re profiling shut off every single process and service that’s eating CPU including scheduled tasks…
Can you say more about re-applying thermal compound… Is this like the xbox 360 fix or something simpler?

Hi its literally just taking out the gpu taking it apart cleaning the heatsink and chip with alcohol and then applying new thermal compound . and putting the whole thing back together .To anyone who has never done something like that it probably sounds quite drastic but its a very simple process . The red ring of death fix is a bit more complex as it usually calls for reballing .Because the tiny balls that connect the chip in place have gotten to such high temps they may move and become disconnected …My gpu never got close to that kind of stress .And i can show my game or at least my 1 and only blueprint . this is my only blueprint .Also i have one complex mesh and maybe 30 primitives with basic materials applied …

Don’t expect PIE to have the same performance than a packaged game. Package your game and look if it’s still jerky when playing it standalone.

Forgot to mention that packaged game does not have the same issue… lol

Interesting read, thanks for sharing! Any particular thermal product to recommend?

So back to the thread… What Engine scalability settings are you using???
Main Toolbar → Settings. Untick ‘Monitor Editor Performance’ while there.

When the ship is flying straight on its own without input, is it still choppy / laggy?
Rendering could be 120 FPS but the underlying code is getting bogged down.
How can this happen? … Code is looping or interacting in a not so obvious way…

Example: Unexpected / unwanted Interaction between meshes, collision and Physics.
For example ship and crumble meshes physics / collision could be fighting each other.

No idea what the floating pawn is even doing there as its hardly referenced in the code.
What if you disable it, and just Untick Gravity’ on the meshes instead, that’s what I’d do…

But overall when profiling especially in Win10 make sure you kill off anything extraneous.
Scheduled Tasks / Run commands / Unnecessary Services / Com activated processes…

Hey i just use arctic silver but That just what i had lying around .It is also my default goto compound so i guess i would recommend that .I have a small video which shows my problem im just uploading it to youtube now and i will post link here …Also do you think that this other issue may be linked to this one Unreal reporting i have many more objs than i do - Blueprint Visual Scripting - Unreal Engine Forums …Also i have no idea about the crumble mesh colliding with the static mesh as the destructible mesh is created when the static mesh overlaps the obstacles . hopefully my video will answer some of your questions .

Good to know thanks! Yep I’ll have a look when the YT clip is there! The video is terrible quality but i i wanted the recording software to have the smallest effect possible on the fps in order to show my problem which starts at around the 37 second mark .Please also note the 64k obj count in the top right which is dramatically larger than in reality .

Interesting… Runs perfect the first couple of times then stalls. So where have I seen this before?
GPU overheating / Power Settings / a process esp. AV throttling the CPU and / or Hard Drive…

  1. Bring up the console tilda ~ etc. type in t.Maxfps and lock that to 60. Then replay! Does that make things consistent or does it hang?
  2. Drag out the viewport into its own window so that you can put Task Manager side-by-side (sorted by CPU so we see what’s eating)…
  3. Can you disable Antimalware as its running at a steady 10%? That’s got to be a drain here! How to rule out Power / GPU throttling?

But why doesn’t FPS change… Is it just momentary interrupts so UE4 can’t even respond in time / frame rate changes back too fast?

Hi i just checked my scalability settings and everything is set to epic

Ok so i noticed slight lag on my desktop and decided to do a new install of windows …And now all of my problems have vanished .My kids use this pc from time to time and i use almost no protection against viruses/adware /malware so its no surprise that i had some problems .

It’s not needed. You can make a blank project and it’ll have 30% CPU.