Simple Game logic for Game start

Hey guys. im getting frustrated on simple logic, i just want the game to start when i click the play button. once i click the play button, the fishes should spawn on a event tick after every 1 sec.

when i click the play button the game starts but only spawns once, i need to implement the tick event with it as well

Hey -

What you want to do is create a reference to your SpawnFish event and wire that into your event tick so that it will spawn continuously.


thats how it was to begin with, but i want the player to click play. first then do the event tick

cant seem to figure out, how to activate the event tick once play button has been pressed

Set the default for “GameHasStarted” to false. After the OnClicked event, make the variable true. Then set a branch after Event Tick that checks “GameHasStarted” with the SpawnFish result.

A simpler solution you can use is a Timer. You can set it to start after the OnClicked event and set the time to 1 second. Entering the SpawnFish as the function name and setting Looping to true will then call the SpawnFish function every second until you pause the timer.

Thanks , its working now…relief