Simple game design.

I’m thinking about me first creating in Blender the whole map of the game ex. a gold pathway with 20 pyramids etc plus enemy cubes and texturing everything, but need someone to:

  • Setup physics/player
  • Make enemies follow you.
  • Make ex. sand floor/enemies hurt your lifebar.
  • Add ex. health pickups.
  • “Export it as a computer game”.

My name is Kamil and I’m 3+ years Unity programmer, recently getting into Unreal Engine 4 Blueprints. I’m interesting in going further with my UE4 skills. You can check my portfolio - And here is my UE4 demo - highly focused on UI since I was training it a bit because I’m mostly UI developer. Thanks to prior long experience with gamedev and programming overall and IT education, I’m moving freely through the blueprints. Let me know if you’ll be interested in my services through email: or discord: komilll#1994.