Simple FPS

I am struggling to figure out how to connect an actor reference to a shoot function. Can anybody help with this?

Search Virtus Learning on youtube. He has several series on UE4 and one of them is a FPS.

I have used his channel before, he makes a few mistakes and is fairly unenformative at times. I am further into development and as a fast learner I am fairly familiar with some nodes now.

Where is “Shoot”? How are you setting “Equipped Weapon”?

you need to look into casting, follow the shooter tutorial to get a decent understanding of fps mechanics. they are old but most of the principles are still solid

Thanks for all the advice, i am now reworking the art direction to the original idea.

Here is a link to the game but only the movement mechanics and shotgun and pistol shoot are making it to the final game.

I will check it out, unsure on multilayer but i will definitely try it out.