Simple First Person Character Creation

Hello, this is my first post to the forums after attempting to search for what I need on here (and youtube) for weeks. I’m working on a high school project and I have nearly everything I need for it except a playable character. What I need is a character that is first person and can walk/jump/crouch and maybe even run. I do not want to use the first person blueprint because that’s practically cheating. I’ve scoured the web for help on this for the past few weeks now but I still can not seem to find out how to make exactly what I need. I do not need a mesh for it or animations, just the ability to make a camera obey physics.


High School noice’ I thought I was the only High School’er on here lol.

Anyways I would use the first person character but modify the character. And you can add inputs to make him crouch and stuff if you want. Also try looking at FPS character packs on the UE4 market place you can look at to see how they created it.

Hope this help!

This was going to be my last resort, but based on how few replies and views this post has I may just have to end up doing this. Thank you!

Try Mixamo Fuse, last I saw it’s free to use and you can select from a variety of animations to go with it. You can find it on Steam I think.

Edit: As far as I remember Mixamo Fuse creates a third person character (although I could be remember ing things wrong) but if that’s the case you can change it from third person to first person by creating a socket on the character’s head and attaching a camera to it. This will also mean that when you move the camera around that you will see your character’s full body when looking down at it in-game. Might get you a few more marks if your first person character has a full body…?

You find out how to convert your third person character to a first person by checking out this YouTube video here:

Hope that helps!

These few links are good, hope you find what you need

I have been looking for a blueprint tutorial for creating a 1st person camera. I am making a walking simulation, and I only need a camera. I’ve only found this old video. UE4 Tutorial - Create a Movable Player Character From Scratch - YouTube However, my version of Unreal, 4.13.2, doesn’t seem mimic this. Does someone know of a current tutorial for this?

To get to know Unreal with Blender imports, I’ve modified the 1st person template by deleting the arms and changing the movement to mouse only.