Simple falling Plattform

I am trying to create a simple falling plattform, the standard that was in EVERY plattform game in the 80s and 90s, when a char step on it, it delays for a second and then fall. Ive tried some “shooting in the dark”, and done some googling, but havent found an answer yet. Could anyone help me out with this blueprint, one of my shot in the dark was this:

The logic beeing “When character overlaps with triggerbox, plattform simulates physics and falls”, but it arent working

does trigger box have overlap all?

and generate overlap events (must also be on character)

Did you do this in your level blueprint??? Your saying f simulate physics but for what??? Is this all inside of a okay for n class BP because if that’s the case you don’t wanna be in the level BP. And also what is the collision of this platform?

Explain to me how you’ve done this so far and I can help you.

Ive made a blueprint for the plattform itself, so not in the level blueprint (want to crate a blueprint i can just place in my map), The simulate Physics are for the plattform (Target is fallingplattform_C) (its the staticmesh i use for the plattform thats going to fall), was trying to make gravity to the work with a delay of 2 sek so the player got time to jump off before the fall. The idea was to use the BoxCollison to trigger the fall, so when the char overlaps with the Box the blueprint would count 2 seconds and let the plattform fall, in the future i want to make the mesh fall appart using a destructable mesh, but right now i just want to get the basic down, i am posting both the bleprint and viewport:

alt text

That looks like it should work. What is your collision setting on the BoxCollision? First thing I’d do is right click and add a breakpoint to the BeginOverlap event to make sure that’s getting called.

It does fire, and the flow looks good when i simulate. The player char got “Generete overlap events” ticked. And just to remember the “Breakpoint” on all the steps in the blueprint, and it is reacting to it, it just wont make the plattform fall after the delay, got an acking feeling i am overlooking somthing simple

my first thought is to apply a force downwards… really but try to apply linear force with z -100 or something. I am not messing with UE atm… and usually when I am around your question I don’t see it :stuck_out_tongue: but yeah try to apply force downwards after you simulate physics…

Just to remove all obvius mistakes i can make, il post a picture of what i got the plattform and the collisonbox in the ViewPort:
(Ive changed it back to “Overlap”, i just had to experiment with “hit” just to see if the gods of EPIC was smiling upon me…they werent :stuck_out_tongue:

Open the StaticMesh, add a Box Simplfied Collision and set Collision Complexity to “Default”. See if that helps.

This did the trick, thanks alot, i dont know why this did the trick, it was the missing piece. thanks alot