Simple example - Physics run speed driven by animation

You might remember this tutorial and this speed change at this time in the video here:

After I made this project for myself I had no walk/run through blueprint scripting. This example is limited, e.g. you slide around when changing direction, so it needs some other people to work on it. I just thought this would be helpful because it’s not a very obvious part of the whole thing.

You just hold Shift to run, and then it slows down gradually afterwards. It’s walk/run with a smooth transition like in Skyrim or something.

The movement is not taken from where the animation file model has moved in 3d space in the exported animation clip- it’s just blending and speed variables. (Bad title decision.)

Includes Quick Time of Day

The screenshot is from setting this engine config option: Light Propagation Volumes

There are already good c++ CharacterController classes in existing engines, so that’s what I will move onto now. Blueprints doesn’t even have an “IsKeyDown”, so that makes it sort of impossible to make this properly.